PRNewswire Issues Lovaganza Announcement: Event To Take Place In 2020

Lovaganza was originally slated for a 2015 release, but technology developed in such a way that those producing the event decided it would be more appropriate to incorporate new technologies and have a 2020 release. PRNewswire recently issued the announcement.

Lovaganza’s website,, launched in 2012, and fans can check there regularly for updates straight from the source. That the site has a 2012 launch date may be an indication that several years of planning led up to even that public appearance. In all likelihood, 2016 represents six years or more that have been devoted to the Lovaganza effort. Currently three films of top-tier quality are in production. In 2017, the intention is for the Lovaganza convoy to start making stops all around the world.

The Lovaganza convoy is going to showcase Lovaganza’s revolutionary new 3D technology, IMMERSCOPE. IMMERSCOPE allows viewers to have the experience of viewing a film in three dimensions without having to wear any cumbersome glasses. This is done through a screen that is 180 degrees. Think of it as a film with the intimacy of a live theatrical production, but all the glitz and glamour of the finest Hollywood blockbuster.

The themes of the films in Lovaganza will revolve around music dance and cultural idiosyncrasies of varying people from all over the world. There’s a convoy featured in the films as well, and it’s meant to be a sort of Bohemian muse to infect people with an idea of worldwide unification. The convoy which begins in 2017 will continue circling the globe until 2020, when Lovaganza is officially launched. Each year, a film of the initial trilogy will be released and shown on the convoy. These initial three films will be shown at the main Lovaganza event, and the following two trilogies will likely be featured at subsequent Lovaganza events should the first prove a success.

Lovaganza will take place at eight strategic locations across the globe simultaneously. It will last for four months. Locations included are America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and The Middle East. At the event there will be IMMERSCOPE, as well as a number of live presentations and interactive events. Think the World’s Fairs of yesteryear mixed with the most cutting edge technology that is currently available.

Lovaganza is truly an unprecedented undertaking on, and should it prove successful will prove to be of true historical significance. It will be interesting to see this event in its fullness.